“We specialise in investment lending and help our clients achieve their goals with sustainable wealth creation through property. We can offer solutions on how to structure your loans to secure the maximum tax benefits and also provide several lending options to maximum your borrowing capacity.”

Carol Curtis

If you’re a first time investor, one of the easiest ways to get started is by using the potential available equity in your home to purchase a property. We can help you unlock this equity so that you can start using it to build your wealth. Or maybe you are renting and can’t afford to buy where you live, another option to get into the property market is to become a “Rentvestor” and purchase an investment property. We can help you get started and work within your budget requirements, looking for opportunities with both good cashflow and capital growth potential.


We are here to provide you with the knowledge and support throughout your investment journey.

If you’re an experienced investor we can help you manage and grow your portfolio of loans and work with you to find the best way to structure your loans to ensure you get access to the best discounts. Also as we have over 30 lenders to choose from we can assess your borrowing capacity with each lender to ensure you can access your maximum borrowing capacity for future investment.

Investment Properties

We are a licensed real estate agent and work closely with a number of Business Partners who are constantly researching the Australian property market to invest for maximum capital growth and rental yield.

The research includes looking into Macro Factors such as Employment & Economy, Infrastructure Spending, Population & Demographics and Supply & Demand as well as Micro Factors such as Amenities, Design, Rent, Value, Transport and Quality.

We are able to tailor investment property opportunities to your personal circumstances and can complete in depth property analysis to compare various options for you. This includes cashflow, rental yield, stress testing interest rates, tax deductibility and capital growth potential.